I've been having probs w/IE6. Was informed of this by using aol tech support. When I try to install or run the new DL of Ie 6, I get a message that states:
The previous installation has pending work requiring a reboot. You need to restart yopu PC to complete that installation before running IE setup. Setup will now close.
When I do the restart, I still get the same message. I have gone to help sites for help, can't find the problem. I have win 98.
You may email me with info and answers, Thank You so much, Santiq

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Thankx for the info. I shall click the link and proceed, I'll let you know the results. :)


I'm having other probs now, a display issue, does not give the option of 256 bit color, only 16. I've been using "help". The last time I had trouble, I was successful using "help", though, I still had the IE6 problem. I came on here and got your suggestion. I get a display adapter messge and when I shut down (sometimes) I get the fatal blue screen of death. I'm patiently waiting to purchase a new PC in a few weeks. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep this "one on the road." Again, Thank You for your help.


Try IEradicator2001a to wipe IE6, then overwrite W98 with setup.

I did this and went back to IE 5.0. You should then be able to update to IE 6 SP1. Be sure to update windows on the MS site after doing this to get the latest updates.

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