hey ya , i get some problems and hope u can help me to solve it
first, i'm using Window XP , Laptop - service pack1 , uhm .... i tried to install mySQL on my computer but it didnt work ... some1 can help me to install MySQL , such as ::: where can i download MySQL free ? and how to install it on Win XP ???
Many thank !!!!

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mySQL can bedownloaded from thier site. I believe 4.0 is the newest stable version?? you can download it from: http://dev.mysql.com/

Installing it should be easy and make sure you have administrator privilages if you want to install the services.


Follow the link above and get Mysql . Install it to C:\mysql just to make it simple. Then download Apache at http://apache.org/ . After you install apache server create a shortcut to your Command Prompt on your desktop. Right click and choose properties. In the properties box Start in
"C:\mysql\bin" or whatever your bin directory is. My sure apache is running and open up command prompt and type mysql. This should connect you. After you are connected you should proceed to change your login credentials. I hope this enlightens you. Cheers!

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