Hello everyone...

I am so sorry to spamm but I need help!

I'm totaly LOST in the world of computers and I need experts' help.

My computer just came back from the service and I needed to reinstall Windows (XP). I did OK but there's still one problem left - graphics! I downloaded software "iMacGraphicsFWUpdate1.0.1.dmg"
but I seem to be having problems opening it. On some other forums people talked about some strange programs, but I only want a simple solution.

So, can anyone help me and give or show me how to get a normal software like .rar and not .dmg?

Please, help me...

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That's a file for a Mac, .DMG is not a windows format it's for Mac (and I believe can be relevent to linux, but I could be wrong) and the file indicates it's for an Imac.
If you have a dedicated video card you probably want to go to Nvidia.com or ATI.com for drivers.
If you built the system yourself go to the motherboard makers site
If you bought it prebuild from a major OEM (dell, hp, compaq, gateway, acer, ect,...) go to their site and look for drivers for your model number.

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