hey guys,
yesterday i was surfing n browsing fine using firefox on windows xp. today nothing,n i mean nothing, i have tried using IE but it also dsnt do anything,i have uninstalled n installed firefox still nothing. when i load firefox it is taking longer than usual to load same to IE and the end result IE says page cannot be displayed,firefox keeps showing loading with nothing showing. I have checked my network connection n everything is ok.when i switch to linux i have no problem surfing,when i go back to windows,nothing from either browsers,i havent installed any software recently and even uninstalled the firewall just in case it was the problem but it wasnt.

i have looked around the net but no concrete answers have come forward,i even tried resetting my tcpip configuration using the following command netsh int ip resetlog.txt but still nothing.

any assistance will be appreciated and ad want to know wht leads to this happening.

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