When installing XP on the ASUS EeePC 2GB Surf from an external CD all appears to go well until the first restart, then I get the Welcome to Setup screen again. The recovery console works, but how do I tell Setup to continue from where it left off?

Where exactly did you left? When installing windows Xp it will undergo system restart, i guess about 3 times til it get to windows...

when you install windows xp and setup takes over, just let it go. after the first reboot dont touch anything it will continue on its own. it will let you know when to click or type anything when its needed.

Thanks for the replies, but when I posed the question I tried to make it clear that the entire installation process kept starting over from the very beginning- Setup takes 10 minutes collecting the same initial files and re-writing the same files to disk every time. Here is the solution that I discovered: From the recovery console I ran chkdsk /p and found that one file kept having a corruption problem. Running chkdsk /r fixed the file, and when XP restarted the next time it continued properly from where it left off and the entire installation eventually completed successfully.