i have 8gb of ram in a windows vista ultimate system (i realize overkill but it's so cheap right now and i run alot of audio programs simultaneously so i figured why not). Regardless often times my memory says it's running at over 50% which seems strange because my laptop runs the same programs on a 32bit vista system and is only using about 35% and it only has 2gb of ram. Regardless yesterday i got a message that said i couldn't load a program because i was out of memory on the 64bit system and i wasn't running anything other than normal. All 8gb are showing up on the pc info page. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on.

It is a intel quad core 2.4ghz system. oh also my memory rating on that new windows experience index page is 5.5 which is my lowest score which i would think would probably be my highest score. anyway just thought i'd add that info.

please help me... i need this thing to crush or it puts a severe damper on my livelihood.


hello dear i think you have some serious problem ragarding memory, first of all i would like to suggest clean ur pc later is ur system detect 8 gb ram or less?
if it detects then i think u have problems with overcloacking. have u done this?
if yes restore the system.
and if not then check out the proccesses in taskmanager, how much memory the all proccess ate up?
i think there u find some unuseful(virus) proccess named as ex:- svghost.exe(ewhich is 11 in number) or csrss.exe(which is 2 in number) etc..
you should also check out Ur FSB which should transfer data at fast rate.
if this all fails just format ur pc; and if u don't like to format just messege me i will see you later.
sorry for late thanks.....