I do not know how to explain this but here are the issues I have been having with Vista 64 Ultimate edition.

1) My internet connection will drop on this computer only and I notice it after playing a game on FACEBOOK called PACKRAT because I am constantly flipping / refreshing the browser. What happens is that I lose all connectivity while everyone else (another Vista machine and an XP keep plugging along) I have tried unclicking the IPv6 and that extends the amount of time before I lose the connection and that is it. Resetting the adapter doesn't work, only a full restart does the trick.

2) I keep getting maybe 1-2x a day a weird hang I will call it. It is as if all the resources are suddenly taken. The mouse cursor stops moving and then will jump and stop and then go, This lasts about 20 seconds maximum. It doesn't matter what I am doing and there appears to be nothing common each time I experience it.

I checked my event logs and the only thing I get with any kind of consistency are VOLsnap errors.

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1. Download and install the latest drivers for the nic from the pc or nic manufacturers site.

2. The hang could be your antivirus software. Try disabling it and see if the problem persists.

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