I just removed a nasty files from my pc and i went to remove a program and now all my usual programs are not listed, instead it's a bunch of stuff I've never seen before. Also the button to add/remove is gone.

I tried to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

but it's not there!! I get to current version b there is no uninstall folder

I would really appreciate some help

ok, i downloaded and installed a reg. scanner. Now after I did that the uninstall folder appeared at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall however that new program I just installed is the only one in that folder. Is there a way to import the uninstall info for all my other programs into that folder??

also i cant uninstall it from the add/remove programs . I can see it, it's one of the only ones i recognize in that list, but the add/remove button that should be next to it is gone.

You say you just removed a "nasty" file.. your referring to malware Im guessing? if so, then its a possibility you havent removed it all (could be part of the reason why you cant add/remove anything). I would scan my system with a reputable AV scanner (I tend to like Lavasoft Ad-Aware aside from my traditional AV) and see what it picks up.. malware can be tricky and you think you got it all but poof its right back..good luck!


You could also try AML Reg cleaner as this has an unistall option that might help and it is free software give it a go I would be interesed to know if it helps.

well i ran ccleaner then scanned with the following in both safe and normal mode:
Lavasoft Adaware 2007
Symantec Antivius Corp.
Spyware Blaster
Spyware Doctor
Trojan Remover
Trojan Hunter

and my pc is clean according to these scans

I ran hijack this and according to hijackthis.de nothing is running that shouldn't be.

Also I ran AML reg cleaner, but Ccleaner's reg fix did a better job.

so...yea still cant add or remove programs (even from AML) except for the few I've installed since the problem occured. The 3 new programs I've installed since the problem occured have reg. keys in the uninstall folder under:

What I think, but I could be wrong is that when I tried to remove XP Antivirus 2008 (which was a fake spyware remover bundled with some nasties) with the add/remove programs it corrupted my registry by deleting all the registry keys in the uninstall folder previously mentioned. What I dont understand is why I have a list of "programs" in the add/remove programs list that I dont recognize. If the uninstall registry is empty (minus the 3 programs I've added since then...that are in the add/remove programs list...that I can remove via add/remove programs box) then there shouldnt be anything listed under add/remove programs right??

where is it pulling these "programs" from? and how can I remove them from the list?

Here aree 2 screen shots which show all programs listed in my add/remove programs list. SOme I recognize..some I dont at all, but i cant remove/change any of them except for the 3 I've added since the problem happened.



Im sorry this is not much help but if you have had xp antivirus 2008 on your computer the add and remove will not work to remove it and you will still have a load of bad stuff on your computer if I were you I would backup all my importent files and do a reinstall as i did try to get rid of xp antvirus before and it is a VERY persitent pace of c**p and you will never know if you have got it all. Also the longer you have it the more damage it dose the computer i had in was locked up even though i was an admin it would not let me change things (keept saying I did not have the right priverleges as thay had been locked by admin) and the hole programs in the start menu had been removed.

Sorry I could not be of more help.