Dear friends,

I have one problem in my project. I am making one label printing software for ebay. I had made up 95% of the project. Now what is the problem I want to get a field value from ebay site. My application is windows based. I had put one button in IE tool bar. That application opening when we are clicking on the button. Now i want a help to find out what are the sold items are checked and what is the value of the checkbox. that only.

The same kind of programs i seen several places. everywhere people are using a dll file to call.

for example sothink swf catcher. it running the dll and checking swfs are available or not in the page.

Its an urgent requirement. pls help me asap.



Before you open the Windows process, you need a JS routine to look at the device on the screen. It could put the information in a cookie for you. But it is a problem, because you do not own the files you want to find the information from.

This will take constant maintenance, because I happen to know that eBay changes the names and arrangements of things on the screen periodically, to prevent malware attacks on user's computers.

Thanks for your reply. Actually my requirement is to find the selected sold item value with one windows based application.

pls check the document and kindly help me.

Otherwise you know how to get the source code of active ebay webpage directly by vb or

give me ur suggestions asap.


hey shibu,
did you figured out? Please let me know. Now i am in your same situation!
i need to get HTML source to text from active page.