I had to do an fdisk and reformat my hard drive and now i'm having all kinds of problems I am trying to do a clean install using windows xp pro. after formatting hard drive I installed windows 98 it went through the whole install set up just fine then when it went to reboot i get the following message, Quit one or more memory resident programs or remove unnecessary utilities from your config. sys and your autoexec bat files and restart your computer. I checked in the config and auto exec bat files and theres nothing in either one and i have more than enough memory to run windows 98 I also tried booting from the winxp cd with no luck also tried the 6 floopys for winxp went through everything just fine until the error came up saying NTLDR missing hit ctrl alt and delete to restart your computer so I did and it shut down. Ready to throw this computer out the window, PLEASE HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance.

Hi Robyncr

If you can get into your microsoft windows recovery console, try running fixboot or fixmbr (MBR Master Boot Record). If you are unaware on how to get to your recovery console, try this

boot from cd with your original xp disk, and press 'r'
when it asks you what windows installation you would like to logon to press '1'

you should see another screen pop-up that looks like you should type something in.....type 'help' if you would like to see all of the commands, after that you can type 'fixboot' or 'fixmbr' it will ask you to verify this process, afterward type 'exit' and it should reboot your system.

Note: this is for if you have already have xp installed and still get the error.....

A missing NTLDR file error is actually quite common, but can caused by several different reasons...this solution is the one I use most of the time, but it could require a different fix....let me know how things go! Cheers!