I am using windows-NT workstation. i am not getting the refresh option in menu which we can get by right clicking the empty desktop.but we can refresh by pressing F5, but i want that option.

The one more problem is i am not getting the tool bars on Start bar(which is having the start button, we can place the toolbars lilke quick launch,desk top)
How can i get all these options, and i have already loaded service pack Ver6 on my system.how can i get these options by loading any service pack or any extra patch please suggest me.

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I'm running WinXP, but the method to get the Quick Launch bar on the Start Bar has been the same ever since Windows95.

- Right click on the Start Bar
- Click "Toolbars"
- Click "Quick Launch"

To be honest, I am not sure if NT4 even supports that option, but it is truely time to upgrade the box and the OS if you are still running NT4.

NT4 does support quicklaunch. I used to run NT4 exclusively until recently. But I agree, if you're still running NT4, UPGRADE....

old thread, but just in case anyone comes across this you can solve it by installing the Active Desktop update (available with IE (4.01?) )