Yeah. I am not sure the policy on here about talking about this kind of stuff so forgive me if I am not supposed to but I am curious about something. Any someone gave me this older Compaq computer that is a Deskpro EN 733mhz, Pent III,128 meg of RAM. Well they had an illegal copy of XP Pro on it that was infected bigtime. It got to the point that I couldnt get onto Windows at all. So I had a brainstorm. Seeing I couldnt reformat without the original CD. I used my DELL XP cd and put it in so I could get to a command prompt and format the hard drive that way. So it did it without any problems. After that I decided for the heck of it thinking it wouldn't work any to install my DELL XP onto it. It worked. How I don't know. LOL Immediately I installed AVG free and Zonealarm firewall before using a SP2 Windows sent me a few years ago. However I am at a crossroads. It keeps asking me to Activate Windows. I know I should not do this but what would happen if I did? Will that affect my DELL computer that originally has that CD on it? I wanna be able to get updates. Again sorry if I am not supposed to be talking about this stuff on here.

Well, you are not the only one that does it. I know several people do that. But in order to activate, there is a file that can trick Microsoft company thinking it's a purchase license. You might have to download from utorrent that i know of.