My gateway 500sb computers hard drive recenlty crashed as in, its toast. I now have another hardrive- Western Digital 400- 40 gb. Now when i start to install windows XP it says "No hard disc found, please make sure it is connected blah blah blah."

I made sure it is connected right so i do ot think that it the problem. i tried googleing my problem but all i got was about SATA hard drives and to put in a floppy to install it. I treied this too, but alls i get is "texts.oem not found"

Can anyone help?

Boot into BIOS, gol to Peripherals > SATA Devices Configuration > SATA Mode [RAID] and change to [IDE]

I don't have anything else on my computer. I am tryig to install windows XP from scratch on blank hard drive.

i don't have a sata device in my cp either, would it show up still?

when you goto the bios.. you will be able to see an option to "load defaults" select it and restart the system.. if that doesn't work and if u have an IDE hard drive (one with the thick ribbon cable) try swapping the cable from the hard drive to the cd/dvd drive.. if that doesn't work try to check if the jumper pins are connected properly.. if that still doesn't work.. try connecting this hard drive on any other system which has another hard drive already in it.. just check if this 40 gb hdd is getting detected in that system as a secondary drive.. I hope this will resolve your issue.. Good Luck!!!