A customer brings me a computer telling me that it had a virus and a family member cleaned it for them and now the computer won't boot.

When I turned the computer on it said Ntldr missing

ok simple enough, I tried to copy Ntldr from the recovery console but it failed. and I could not access any file or directory on C:

so from this point I tried to reinstall windows. I deleted the C: and then partitioned and formated the drive and once setup started to copy the files I started getting errors, random files could not be copied and then a BSOD.

I have tried 3 different install cd's. I replaced the cd drive. I striped the computer to barebones. and I'm still getting the errors.

I am currently running Memtest on it. It's on test 3 with no errors yet.

I am going to run chkdsk next and I'm thinking about trying yet another (4th) install cd.

does anyone have any ideas I might try if I still cant install windows.

If you formated and reinstalled windows XP with a working disk it should not still be getting errors. It sounds like there is either a problem with your windows install disk or a problem with the actual hard disk. Format the C: drive and try a new Windows XP install disk. If this fails you might have to order them a new hard drive and charge them for the parts and then install windows on the new hard drive.

Hope this helps,

ok I solved it. it turned out to be bad RAM