Hi! Help!
I have an HP Pavilion with XP Professional purchased in '06. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor.
I goofed it good! First got a few pop-ups from Trend Micro with "risk warnings" about unauthorized changes to security, to which one of my responses was to accidentally block "HPBootOp.exe". Eventually figured out how to unblock. Trouble ever since. Don't know if I actually had an infection get in or what.

I have since continued to mess things up. I lost my wireless internet connection and so tried to uninstall (with the intent of re-installing) my "Linksys" wireless software. But it got halfway through the uninstall and seemed to freeze, so I cancelled it. Bad, I guess. So I then found the Linksys folder and deleted all of it. Then removed the wireless card without any direction, ( I just shut the computer off and pulled it out). BAd again, apparently.

Now, upon trying to reinstall it, I've found that I have no CD ROM drive listed in Explorer any more and have seen the little yellow warning signs with exclamation points next to, not only my CDRom, but next to my processors as well. I'm afraid!!


Who should I call for service? Am I better off with a big Electronics Store pro-Geek, or finding an individual in the phone book?

I'm dying here! Please advise! Thanks!!


Hi, have you tried a System Restore?

If you do not have someone you know and trust, then I would take it to a local well known repair shop ( Best Buy Geek Squad, etc. ).

But be prepaired to pay for the services, or you can just reformat and reinstall the OS with the Restore CD's that came with your computer, but you may loose your data on the hard drive.

Try 1-877-787-8749. This is the supportrix hotline. Tell them you have a promo code and that the code is "supportcall" and that you learned about them through daniweb.
You'll get the first call free. Introductory offer. Hey man, if it's one-time free why not? Don't spend $60-80 just so you can fix all your problems.

Just my 2 cents