I've had trouble for a LONG time with IE 7. Can't delete cookies, temp files, or do anything to change my browser settings since my Tools/Internet Options Tab does nothing. I cannot access this through my control Panel either. This means I can't download bank info, etc. Anyone have a tip for me?

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You could roll back to IE6 then reinstall IE7 if you run XP

Thanks! What might be the risk?


Might break IE or break windows but it shouldnt. Its a very minimal risk and is fixable if you have an xp cd.

Go to control panel -> add remove and see if IE7 is shown. If its not you will not be able to roll back (some "helpful" space saving programs remove its uninstaller!!)

If you do have an xp cd it also might be benificial to go to "run" and type:

sfc /scannow

this will check if IE etc... is corrupted. You may need a windows CD. Reboot afterwards (it is silent, wont tell you the result of its search, and it may take a while too). This again carries a minimal risk

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