Ok as some of you might know 321 Studios went bankrupt, but I still have DVd X Copy Platinum. now does anyone know how it will work if I need to reinstall DVD X copy? because they ask you to activate the password online and since they went out of bussiness u cant, so will the activation thing be removed completely, or tis the $100 i spent on the program gone forever?

BTw I do not make illegal copies and sell them, it is strictly personal use, I already strached up many a dvd so I just make copies of them and leave the orginals in a box.

so anyone know whats happening?

You should not have any problems finding cracks and patches for the program.

has several including one for:
321Studios DVDXCopy Platinum v3.2.1

something odd happened tho, I installed it on my laptop, and it never asked me to activate anything, I did have it installed on that laptop before, but I uninstalled it, was the registration still on the windows registery or does that mean I dont need to activate it anymore?

Many programs do not do a clean uninstall and leave bits and pieces around.
Judging from the number of people wanting activation codes I can only assume that if you tried to install it on a PC that had never had it installed that you would need an activation code...
Glad it is working for you...
Quick question, did they get shut down because their software works too well?
Or were they careless in marketing and not having enough disclaimers about not being used for piracy.
Many programs will squeeze down a DVD to fit on a DVD-R just curious as to why they got hit with so many lawsuits and legal challenges...

Closing thread.

The answer is, you're probably going to be unable to get a reg key from 321, because they are closed down. I edited out the link that Thong_Inspector provided, though, because it violates forum rules on piracy/illegal activities.

In a nutshell, since 321 is shut down, you will have to find some kind of crack for it. But, since forum rules prohibit discussion regarding pirating software, we're not at liberty to discuss where to find such cracks here.