i am having problems with internet explorer 6.0. it keeps hanging, which makes trying to write e-mails redidculious (i type a full line before it is visible). i have emptied my cache and it has not helped. i have plenty of harddrive space. the interesting thing is that netscape (which usually is not so great) works fine. ie has been hanging for about two weeks now. all my professors' web stuff works poorly with netscape (the university tells us all to use ie) so i really want to solve this instead of just using netscape forever. what else can i do.

i am worried that it has something to do with some updates a downloaded for windows about two weeks ago. i hadn't done it for three years prior, so its possible that i got some outdated junk. would that mess up version 6?

thank you so much for reading this.


Are there any windows updates still left to do? This started happening right after you used windows update? Try the mozilla or opera web browsers - they're really good alternatives and a lot nicer than netscape is. (especially opera is very feature-rich)

thanks for responding so quickly

i checked about any new updates. one from way back in 2002. i downloaded/installed it. still no progress.

okay, honestly i dont know how interelated windows and ie are. randomly last week i was on my computer and the tool bars on the top of my windows changed to xp toolbar style (all orange, blue, green, huge, and ugly) and my internet font changed from normal size to huge at that moment. it was very weird, i rebooted and it was okay but i had to manually change back font size though).

because of that weird occurance i thought maybe the updates i downloaded and my problem were interrealted. why you ask? well i accidentally downloaded the windows xp updates the first time (i have 98). of course installing didn't work, but the files are still on my computer.

the suggestions you made about switching to a different browser sound good to me if i cant fix this in the next few days. i might check out the opera one. does it cost anything to get one of those? or do i have to sign up for anything scary?

oh and another thing. the yahoo mail people (i complained to them first) asked me to check my javascript settings, (its totally enabled). they also told me to get the newest version of my browser (which i already had, but doublechecked)


thanks csgal and caperjack

the repairs and stuff didn't work. but i broke down and switched browsers (i got opera) and i'm glad to know that you guys are out there to help people with their computer problems.