I have been trying to uninstall Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0 for last three days, but get an error that reads "The Log file 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements2\Uninst.isu' is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallation will not continue."

Can anyone tell me what went wrong and what I should do to fix it? I already installed PS 7.0 and don't need Elements anymore. I tried uninstalling Elements before and after I installed PS 7.0, so it has nothing do with installing 7.0. Please help :(

Luckydude (feeling not so lucky today) PS: if anyone knows how to uninstall PS Elements 2.0 using command line, please let me know. Thank you.

The best practice to follow when problems arise uninstalling a program is to reinstall and then uninstall it. The problems such as the one you mention generally only arise when files are missing or corrupted, and reinstallation should fix that. You can then uninstall again successfully.

I would've done that if I could find the PS CD. It seems like I lost it. I also went to the adobe website, searched in google, but no luck so far. Any other ideas. thanks a million for the suggestions.


Try downloading the trial version from Adobe:


Install that and then try an uninstall. Should work, and it can't really make it any worse! A command line isn't going to help you if the uninstall log is corrupted or missing!

ok, I installed the trial version from Adobe and restarted the computer. I, then, tried uninstalling the program, but got the same error. I restarted the computer and tried uninstallling again, but got the same error again. But one good news is that my version of Elements has moved from a full version to the trial version, which means it will expire in 30 days.

Does that mean it will uninstall everything after 30 days or will it just stop working? It's a huge program and I am running out of space on my laptop. Thanks for your help Catweazle. I really appreciate it.


It will only stop working ,you will ahve to uninstall it yourself .
I would try this ,not saying it will work !
go to the folder the demo is in and copy the uninstall file ,if one there ,and then go to the folder with the full version ,and the corrupt uninstall file ,and past it there ,overwrite the other if asked and then try uninstall the full version !

That's certainly worth a try. I was hoping the trial version would overwrite the earlier install to start with....

...........Can anyone tell me what went wrong and what I should do to fix it? ......

What's gone wrong is that the uninstall log for your earlier installation has either gone missing or is corrupted. The error you are getting is one which is commonly seen when people have deleted things from their PC without first checking if it was something important.

The only thing which will 'fix' it is reinstalling the program to renew the uninstall log, or manually removing traces of the program from both hard drive and Registry.