I think I have been hit by either a virus or malware, when I open the laptop, it is an old Dell Inspiron 8600, it appears to be opening then freezes with a black screen with just the cursor visible or it opens to my main screen but then freezes.
I am unable to gain access to my docs, files, internet or anywhere and I really need to get some docs printed off, in order to stop the repoession of my home..

Is there any help, I really am skint, so taking it to a repair outlet is out.

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Try booting in Safe mode! If no good then reboot of your OS CD and start a fresh install of windows. When it finds your old windows and asks you to press if you want to repair "press "R" and allow it to reinstall your current OS. You will not lose any docs or settings you had before and you should be able to access every thing then. If not contact Dell and be very nice and they may help without charging you their service call fee.

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