This is ram from india and need aa help

my system has a problem in opening drive (partition drive)
it is not opening directly when i double click the drive it showing openwith menu asking me to choose the program to open

i don't know how to troubleshoot this so plzzzz kindly sujest me the solution

Hi Ram, this can be fixed easily.
First of, please create a new system restore before you try the below mentioned.

  • Go to Run and type regedit and press enter.
  • Press Ctrl+F and make sure that you have checked the options, Keys and Match whole string only and then type mountpoints2
    and press enter.
  • Delete it by right clicking on it and selecting Delete
  • Keep searching repeatedly using the search for more of these keys and then delete them.

After you've deleted all keys pertaining to mountpoints2, try opening your drive.

Please get back to me if it doesn't work.

Ram, try opening the drive from Start, Run, enter the drive letter, eg C:
Check that there is no autorun.inf file in the root; if there is, delete it.

thanx it had cleared my problem

u r good with this reg files i think

thanx again