Hi, I'm a new subscriber here. Just happened to fall into this website and hope it's a keeper.
I've had a frustrating problem downloading games at worldwinner since I got this new computer 4 months ago. I've asked my manufacturer (Dell), the game website itself and my ISP for help and instructions at least a dozen times each until they don't even reply to me anymore. Still, the problem persists. I've tried to figure it out myself only to result in having 2 crashes on my computer and having to restart the entire system from scratch both times.
When I ordered my computer I specified that the 2 main things I use a computer for are emails and playing online games. Since I had to reprogram my computer I don't even have my emails anymore as well as not getting to play my favorite games.
OK, enough whining. Here is the problem.
When I click on "Play Game" at Worldwinner.com, it begins the downloading process but just when it looks like the downloading is finished I get 2 error messages, "Error:downloading File" and "Error retrieving game configuration".
Sometimes the whole website disappears and I find myself back to my desktop.
I have closed all applications and programs including firewall, anti-spyware, pop up blockers and I've lowered my "Security" to "Medium", and even to "Low Medium" in some areas, but none of this helps the situation.
I also have a problem when I try to play games at Pogo.com (worldwinner's affiliate). I can download a game there and play it until "intermission" but then, when another game should start to play, my computer gets frozen and I cannot play another game. I have to re-enter the website in order to play one game again.
I have Windows XP, lots of memory and IE 6. (By the way, my computer says I have IE 6 and I have the blue E icon in my programs list and desktop, BUT it is NOT listed in my add/remove programs. could that be part of the problem? also, I don't have the very latest IE program because I have dial-up and was told it would be too strong for dial-up. what is your opinion?)
It seems there should be some simple solution but why is it no one knows? do you??????
Thanks for your help!

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hi,i read and in my opinion you problem is most likely cause because you are on dial up!but i could be wrong ,did it ever work properly for you ,on this computer or another one .
only thing i can offer is to go into IE,tools /internet options connections /settings and make sure all is set to keep connection open .

IE doesn't show up in add and remove programs because its part of the windows install.but it in add and remove if you go to add windows components on the left pane ,if you go to help and about internet explorer ,to see the version when you are in ie,

Get highspeed internet access! Lots of problems go away. Also do download and install the latest IE. Patches and updates make a world of difference.

My first thought was your firewall was throttling your bandwidth.

But, since you said you are on dial-up, if I had to guess, it sounds like the website is timing you out.

They use a software applet, and there may be a timeout value that expires while you are "downloading" or "loading" the new window after the intermission. The advertisement takes time to download then you have to watch the ad, then you have to download the new game window. All of that put together may be timing out your session.

Again, that is my best guess based on the fact that you said you were on dial-up.

The other guess is that in some communities the phone company wants to shake people away from dial-up so they are not bothering to certify or repair phone lines for anything other than the minimum quality required for voice. (This happened in Tucson, AZ in a new development back in 2000. Qwest installed new phone lines that were like 9600 baud. A few of my co-workers at the job I had back then complained that they had a brand new house built and their 56k modems were now unusable - confirmed to be that way by Qwest, who summarily offered them DSL...)

Go ahead and patch your IE6 at least up to the latest security fix, even if you are unable to load IE7. Update your Java version and Flash. I can't think of anything else they might use.

Bottom line, if you truly have eliminated all other blocks (firewall, anti-virus, patches, etc.) the only thing left is hardware (bad modem), modem configuration, or your bandwidth.

and some community's don't have high speed in all areas .my neighbours on the next street over and up my street further don't have any access to high speed[just dialup], but i do ,i live in a 2 street rural area

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