Hi anyone that can help,

I have read through past post and have found some help, but the information seems to still be diffrent to what I need.

My problem is as follows,
I just have a normal modem from the ISP with a data cable connection to my computer, and all the time I get the limited connectivity message on my lan connection.
I can still get on the internet but some sites I can use correctly like gmail I have to use basic HTML version to get in, and facebook I can use but can't upload photos, and some video sites have trouble loading up streaming video. And now the connection is slow, strange as it is meant to be 100Mbps

So I called up the ISP (pretty hard as I'm in Japan), and they checked my connection and speed and said there is no problem. They said is might be my browser or something with XP.
I'm not sure what though!

Can somebody please help

best japtech

Dear japtech,

you have three problems not only one, it is complex but i will try to explain:

first : limited connectivity message on your lan connection!!
this can solve by Enable DHCP in your Modem Configuration
or simply use static IP to your Lan Card, steps are:
1- know your Modem IP address.like
2- configure your Lan IP to
this can be done from
- Local Area Connection Status - Properties - Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -
use the following address (Make it as i said at first like:
Use the following DNS server: fill them with this IP address

second : Slow internet Connection while is 100 MB as you say!!
100 MB is the speed between your Lan card and the Modem, it is Fake Speed.
the true is your internet connection speed can not be 100 MB any way.
your Internet browsing speed i think is 256KB.
ask your ISP about it,if they say Yes
ask to Upgrade it to 512 KB but ask first for the fees you have to pay.

hope i make it clear because if i am not then this is your Third problem :)
but you have to fell free to ask about any thing.

try contacting tech support for this situation.
here is a number that will help alot when trying to get the numbers:
this is a toll free number along with all the numbers that they give you.
im sorry but it is an automated phone service.