In the past two days I've been trying to login into my ftp server, but just nothing works. I use Norton Antivirus, but I can't find nothing that helps me solve the problem. This is what I get
I use Cute FTP Proffesional

STATUS:> [12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM] Getting listing ""...
STATUS:> [12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM] Resolving host name ftp.mydomanin.com...
STATUS:> [12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM] Host name ftp.mydomain.com resolved: ip = XXXXXXXXXXX
STATUS:> [12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM] Connecting to FTP server... ftp.mydomain.com:21 (XXXXXXXXXX)...
STATUS:> [12/25/2007 5:31:05 PM] Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...
ERROR:> [12/25/2007 5:31:26 PM] Can't read from control socket. Socket error = #10054.

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An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. This normally results if the peer application on the remote host is suddenly stopped, the host is rebooted, the host or remote network interface is disabled, or the remote host uses a hard close (see setsockopt for more information on the SO_LINGER option on the remote socket). This error may also result if a connection was broken due to keep-alive activity detecting a failure while one or more operations are in progress. Operations that were in progress fail with WSAENETRESET. Subsequent operations fail with WSAECONNRESET.


what server are you using?


Ok I use Windows XP
and now I get this

STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:45 PM] Getting listing ""...
STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:45 PM] Resolving host name ftp.xxxxxxx.com...
STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:46 PM] Host name ftp.xxxxxx.com resolved: ip = xxxxxxxx
STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:46 PM] Connecting to FTP server... ftp.xxxxxx:21 (ip = xxxxxxxxxx)...
STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:46 PM] Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...
STATUS:> [12/26/2007 1:15:46 PM] Control socket info: (local)xxxxxxx - (peer)xxxxxxxxxxx.
ERROR:> [12/26/2007 1:16:07 PM] Can't read from control socket. Socket error = #10054.


He's using Cute FTP, not windows.
No word on whether the suggested solution has been tried.

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