Ok, I am really dumb when it comes to this sort of stuff, so please help. Here is the problem.

I have DSL with a 2wire network. One computer is hooked up directly to the router, and then my computer is hooked up through a wireless usb adapter. I recently installed service pack 2. Now on some websites, not all, I get a, "This page cannot be displayed" error. So, I think, oh, the website must be down. But, on the other computer, the one hooked up directly to the router, it can go to that page without a problem.

So, I have been looking on forums and stuff for a solution, but I don't understand what they are talking about more that half the time. Can someone please help me?

mabe if its a wireless thing try and move it closer? i guess thats just common sense and u probbly tried that the first time, lol but another thing you could try is disable the firewall in service pack 2 by going to control panel etc..
and if that doesnt work then try to re-install the wrieless usb drivers u have orr updte it, use windows update if u havnt already and see if there are driver updates hope thats helped :)


Sorry for editing out that URL, but we don't link to sites know to be associated with "Spyware", and that site was definitely one. :eek:

SP2 makes some changes to IE's security settings; have you tried altering any of those in your Internet Options control panel? Compare your settings with the ones on the "working" computer.

Also- since you used a site known to be linked to spyware in your example of unreachable sites, have you installed any anti-spyware type utilities which might be (rightfully) blocking those sites?

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