Hello, I have windows 98, IE 5.0, and have been trying to upgrade it for sometime. The reason for this being I can only browse websites from the browser that aol provides, and also, when I click on links inside the aol browser, they rarely open. A blank explorer page opens up and never opens at all.

When I try to click on the IE link from my desktop , a DNS error link comes up. Please help, this has gone on for some time.

hi, deslok

do you use windows update? because i think it should get it off that, does windows update not work in the aol browser? if not then try to browse microsofts site to download the file from them with EI6 or if aol's crappy browser doesnt work download firefox wich is much more secure than IE and is faster too, or even if u cant do it on your comp, use a friends computer to download a copy of the IE6 file from microsoft, hope thats helped!


I have the IE6 setup icon on my desktop. right now i have aol 8.0 and IE 5. something. What happens when I try to load IE 6 to upgrade is that I get a screen that ays, setup was unable to downlod information about available installation sites. Setup may have been unable to use your current prozxy settings. Click advanced if you know your settings. And it goes on.

And like I said, the aol browser works fine, except I cant open most links in the aol browswer. My Internet explorer browser does not work at all.

ok, have a look at your proxy settings and let us know what they are, im not the biggest expert on this but i kno a fair bit and would like to help if i can, go into internet options aswell in contol panel and check all of the settings to see if they look ok and if there is a friend/family member who has aol like you, see if the settings are the same with there computer.

Dumb Question, but is it safe to give out my proxy settings? I have them though. Thanks for your help. I read an article a while ago that talked about aol having incompatibility with internet explorer sometimes. My internet exploer simply wont update no matter what, and I need it for a work related website thing . Thanks again.

yea its safe to tell us your proxy settings (as far as i know)
unless theres sum really REALLY skilled hacker on this site who knows his stuff, but i wouldnt wory about it, i wouldve given out mine, lol so go ahead :)

..btw........ i forgot to ask, how long have you had aol?, wen did this start hapening and is there anything, or anybody who might have caused anything do you think? like a softwareinstall or somkind of change like that

my proxy settings are http= port 8080.
not sure what that means, I use dialup. I think at one time, I had a working IE, but tried to uninstall it and upgrade it. Either way, internet explorer used to work outside of aol and now it doesnt

I also notice that I do not have an internet explorer repair tool on my computer anymore. I believe at one time I used to in the system tools.