Well I'm assuming it's SP2 anyway. I have a Pentium 4 2.8 running windows XP. I installed service pack 2 without any hitches but upon restarting the computer freezes during the boot screen. The little progress bar thingy (I believe 'thingy' is the technical term) runs through twice before freezing. I've tried booting into safe mode and all it's variants (command prompt and networking) but every time it freezes at the file


Does anyone have any advice they can offer me? Any advice specfically about fixing this problem would be even better. Though if you have advice on making a really nice cup of tea - well thats groovy too.

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Thanks for the message. Didn't actually work out as well as I'd like given that I had to format in the end. But thanks for the effort. Oh and as a side note - Installing SP2 after a clean install still caused the problem (freeze at boot. Same file actually) so just adding my tale of woe to the cautionary pile.

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