I wanted to confirm that why does a Computer running WinXP OS automatically restarts?

Does it restart because of power or voltage fluctuation in Power Supply or there could
be other reasons as well?

One of the hardware technician in my area told me that even bad sector in a Hard Drive,
and Fragmentation in the Hard Drive can also cause such problems?

What are your views regarding this reasons?

Please clarify

Xp will shut down for many different reasons, and it could be any one all several of them working together. Whenever XP detects a problem that could damage the XP or your settings, it will shut down.
Probably the main cause is a virus infection.

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To make the matter broader a machine (XP included) can restart on its own for a number of reasons including: all harware and software problems. So a if thats a genuine techy guy telling you that it might be You're HD causing a comp restart, than hes probably telling you the truth. He is a little to exact to say its bad/ corrupt sectors. Nvm so yes to answer you're Q it can be HW and/ SW


It could be RAM. Try replacing the RAM with a new known working module.
It could also be an overheating Processor. Open the box and service the heat sink if it is clogged with dust. Most processors will shut down when they reach a certain heat and if the airflow is throttled you can have a problem.
Other causes are spyware, adware or viruses - you know what to do here.

Hope this helps

I fixed one yesterday that would boot ,all fans run and lights come on ,then it shut down in about 25 seconds .
The first thing i checked was the psu, ,it failed the psu tester i have ,computer worked when i install a new psu.

PSU again, dont you people pver there call them a SPS (Switchable Power Supply)???

The poster asked if a hard drive with a faulty sector or was fragmented could cause a PC running windows XP to restart. Sittas87 earlier told him correctly, Yes but there would be many other reasons to expect first.

PSU again, don't you people ever there call them a SPS (Switchable Power Supply)???.

answer to your ??? no ,not me .I know its a sps, but always refer to it as a power supply unit .SPU and always will, sorry