Here are the main specs of my computer system...

My computer is a Gateway 3310s

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS Service Pack Service Pack 2
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Computer Name YOUR-1A0F5F316F (Bob's Computer)
User Name Owner

CPU Type Intel Celeron D 330, 2666 MHz (20 x 133)
Motherboard Name Intel Hazelton D865GVHZ (3 PCI, 2 DIMM, Audio, Video)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Morgan Hill i865GV
System Memory 1008 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Type AMI (12/15/04)
Communication Port Communications Port (COM1)
Communication Port Printer Port (LPT1)

Well, I still have a yellow question mark with an exclamation point next to "PCI Simple Communications Controller" and I cannot find the right driver for it. Can you help me find the right driver for this? If you need any additional information about my computer just say so and I will post it.

After I installed the right audio driver I had my sound back. However, on occasion the sound goes out and any video I am watching on sites like Youtube would just freeze and after several minutes the sound would come back and this process repeats every few minutes or so.

But probably the biggest problem of all is when I turn the computer on. After the "Gateway" screen appears with the boot and bios options I hear a beep then a message pops up that basically reads "A problem with the hard drive has been detected" and it asks me to refer to the users manual which I do not have. So it asks me to press enter to continue so I do just that.

Can anyone help me resolve these issues?

If you have a network card or modem in one of the PCI slots ,and it is the one you use then the "PCI Simple Communications Controller" may be on the motherboard or in one of the PCI slots and is not in use.If this is the case then simply disable it .
If the problem is with the NIC card/modem that is in use (unlikely) then look inside PC to determine the chip on the NIC/Modem
and download the driver.

PCI Controller is a function of the North bridge, would thus be Intel, and the driver would be in the chipset driver cd supplied with the motherboard. The Intel driver site for your mb should have the latest version, though.
Or put "Intel PCI simple communications controller" into your search engine.

I do have a 56k modem and a networking card currently not in use so I can just disable it i guess.

Problem with Hard Drive.
Have you run SCANDISK or CHKDSK.
Or error check in Properties/tools ?

Problem with Hard Drive.
Have you run SCANDISK or CHKDSK.
Or error check in Properties/tools ?

Can you guide me through this please? I do not want to do anything wrong here.

Go Start, Run, enter..
In the cmd window enter..
chkdsk /r
It will run on a restart. This method will check the whole hdd [all drives or partitions]. If you are checking the boot partition [where your OS is, eg C: ] as in this case, your sys must restart. If you specify a non-boot drive eg chkdsk /r D: then it will run immediately. And you can do that from explorer ... rclick a drive, eg D:, go properties, tools, Error Checking.... but again, if you try it with your boot drive, your sys will restart.
It is the same tool as the first.
By the way... did your error msg contain something like SMART? If so, copy off your good gear, fast - that is the built-in hdd erroir monitoring system.

I did the chkdsk and while it did replace some bad clusters it did not solve the problem. The message I am getting still is "A problem with the hard drive has been detected." And it asks me to look at the troubleshooting area of the users manual, which I do not have, and then it asks me to hit the enter key to continue.

A lot of hard drive performance measures are reported upon by the drive electronics, and even if we knew what was the problem I do not think help would be possible. Your manual will be on the web, for sure. Personally, with any sort of hdd problem showing up, I'd be copying off and inserting a new one. Saving money and effort by waiting until it goes bang is just not worth the excitement.
Good luck with it.

Okay, but I am still having issues with the audio at the moment. Anytime I would go to watch a Youtube video or when I play a video game once in a while the sound would just go out and I would not have sound coming from anything on the computer and if I am watching a Youtube video it would just freeze and after several minutes the sound would return and all is well again. The audio device I have installed is a Realtek AC'97 driver. Is it this driver or is it something else you think?

I think the driver should be a SoundMAX Driver as I know computers that have a SoundMAX Digital Audio card instead of a Realtek AC'97 card

hey dude
first install the chipset drivers as instructed in post #4

Hey dude, I have installed them.

And I do not have a SoundMAX audio card in there it's the "Realtek AC97" Audio card.

got this realtek drivers for your mobo click link to directly install. hope you have your current sound drivers on a disk. if you do uninstall current sound drivers and install new realtek provided in the link
Realtek ac97
download the mirror

There are some viruses that report "problems with the hard drive." Then you click on the link provided, and give the virus permission to do things it otherwise can't do.

what link are you talking bout midi

There are no links in the message. It just tells me there is a problem when I turn the computer on. Unless someone can find a legit solution to this I think I will just go ahead and invest in a new hard drive in the near future. I knew this problem was going to occur sooner or later since this is an older computer that I bought for the purpose of getting newer parts into it so I will just invest in a new one.

As for the audio problem, I downloaded the Realtek driver sittas linked me to and the problem seems to have been fixed.

Thank you everyone for your help!