Hello Guys and gals:

Need some help. I Just lost my left speaker . I using windows xp pro. Also no left speaker with my head set either. Nothing wrong with any settings. I am using Via audio Deck and SRS Labs Audio Sand Box. It work fine earlier. I acccidently plug my Audio adpater for my stereo into the computer sound sound jack. would that have blown out a channel on sound card? From feed back? The stereo speakers worked fine. after i disconnected stereo my computer speaker had no left channel.


First, make sure that you have not blowed a speaker perhaps. Take an ohm meter and check the ohms of each speaker, the specs should be on case of speaker. If it's 4 ohm speaker, as long as it reads 3 to 5 ohms, you should be ok, speaker is good. If you do not have an ohm meter, take a 9 volt battery and plac a wire on the (+) & a wire on the (-) side of battery, then touch the to wires to the corresponding (+) & (-) on the speaker and just touch don't hold, and you will hear the speaker pop. Pop sound is speaker good. this also checks phase of speaker, if you touch wires and it pushes out, you have pos. and neg. wires right, if it sucks in, reverse your wires. If all is good, with speakers, then check balance output, the your other settings, uninstall sound driver, reinstal, if still not working, then asume sound card is bad.

Check the volume control advanced setting and see if the balance control is all the way to the right.

The plug might be only half inserted into the jack. I have found a few PCs where the plug handle is too big to go into the recess provided.

You could have also blown the soundcard.