I've recently been having problems with IE (v. 5.5) loading some of the websites I frequently visit. Sometimes it'll work fine, but half the time they'll take me to another website, namesdirect.com. As if the website I was trying to visit didn't exist. Also, when trying to access Google.com, I get a "Page cannot be displayed, cannot find server or DNS error" message.

Strangely, I don't have these problems when I use AOL's browser. I'm afraid to update to IE6, because the last time I tried, when I restarted, Windows would not start correctly and I had to do a restore.

I'm running WinME (no surprise there) and my machine has been factory-restored several times because of various problems.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

(suggestion)Look at similar IE threads and you could always download the most stable ever!!!! www.MOZILLA.com I dont know why windows IE does such cruel things to its users.

I have Win ME too and I love it. But I have had those same problems too. What I do is this, set my security level at medium, and I also go into r & r programs and click on remove Explorer, and at the right moment it will ask do you want to do three things repair, delete or another thing, choose repair option. Then try that. if that doesn't help I got a few other things to try. Also keep your home page set to blank. That will tell you if any website is wanting to change your home page without your asking. Also, check your settings in the tools - internet options - advanced - restore defaults and then change them later for your own choices. Let me know how that works out for ya. ok? www.geekdaddy.us coming soon. Ha!

Also do a defrag and delete all cookies and temp memory at least once a month with Win ME. Keep it stable.

try mozilla it works better and has better browser options, try and go to internet options delete cookies and temp files, then click settings for cookies and adjust the amount of space that your browser stores cookies, if all that does not work then try zilla soft connection accelerator(i had a similiar problem before and that fixed it)

if you're redirected to another website rather than your intended site, then i would say your internet settings have been compromised or hijacked. use spybot s&d or adaware (in my case, i use both) to find whether you hav cyberscums and vermins lying in your 'puter. also u might want to run Hijack This and post the results for experts to decipher

hope this will help...

I'm closing this thread because it was essentially dead-

Until yesterday it hadn't had a response in about 8 months, which means the original poster has solved their problem long ago or has just decided not to return to our site- No need to bring this one back from the grave.

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