Seriously, this is so embarassing. I'm honestly computer IMPAIRED. :(

What's wrong with my computer when it won't let me on Internet Explorer, it won't let me log into msn, it disconnects me from Limewire, but lets me stay and talk on ICQ?

The stupidest thing is that if I press ctrl, alt, delete and end a crap load of programs, IF I'M LUCKY it will let me go on IE.

My Limewire said something about my internet connection, or a firewall, but why am I allowed to stay on ICQ then?

Help me fix it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I have Cable, and it only does this if I leave my computer for like more then half an hour without touching it, AND if I leave my Limewire Playlist still going while I'm gone it doesn't happen?

Do you have the latest version of IE? If so you might want to check into using a different browser such as, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. There are many different internet browsers. Have you tried reinstalling limewire? Maybe reinstalling it into a different directory would help, just a few suggestions :)