Okay guys/gals, I'm hopeful someone can help me here.

Here's my situation:
I have a few custom fill in forms I've created for Outlook. And I want all of my users to be able to access them. This isn't the problem. The problem is ease of use. Our users aren't exaclty smart enough (or maybe lazy is a better description) to use the Outlook | New drop down menu and select Choose Form. I know they will never utilize these forms if they have to access them this way. So I want to create a custom "Choose Forms" Button on their toolbar. This is done locally on my machine. My question is, how do I push that out to every user in our firm without overwriting their current toolbar settings.

To be a little clearer, I've discovered I can navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and simply copy out the outcmd.dat file to each PC from my PC as I've made the customizations locally on my PC. This will basically copy my toolbar settings to every user. But this will erase any current cusomizations users currently have. If worse comes to worse, I will write a batch file that will rename their current outcmd.dat to outcmd.bak and then copy in the customized outcmd.dat. Then deal with complaints on a per user basis. but life would be much easier if I could figure out how to push a custom button to append to users current toolbar settings.

Thanks in advance,

Brandon Pembo