Hi there, i got this laptop compaq Presario v3000, i had it for almost 2 yrs. Not a long time ago, my laptop wouldnt switch on. I have to restart it twice to switch it on. Yesterday, my computer wont switch on completely, i still could see the light when its charging, but it wont start up, it has only black sreen. Can comeone help me to solve that problem?? Thank You

First, comuter life is generally only three years. A laptop is about half that. The older the equipment the slower and less accurately it performs (however the very old models tended to last longer, with MUCH less caability). Second, it sounds like you have dirt in the contacts, or worse off you have overheated the CPU to the point it wont process anything anymore. The dirt is easy to clean off, just carefully disassemble the computer and with a SLIGHTLY damp cloth GENTLY wipe all the surfaces. Compressed air would be great to remove the bigger dust particles. Let the inner componenets dry COMLETELY before re-assemblying. Since the problem is the power try to clean the power connectors first.

Lastly, maybe consider a new battery....some model computers will only power off the battery, and the AC adater powers the battery. If the battery dies completely and wont charge then you may not get any power at all.

Good luck!

What do you mean by re-assemblying the laptop? Is that like opening the case of the laptop?