My hard drive D (Recovery only has 23.MB left and I keep getting a popup about it. My son tells me that because Microsoft has partitioned its hard drive that it cannot be cleaned. Is that right and does anyone know what I can do to get some free space on it?

Something else is I cannot seem to get Microsoft Net Fraameworkl 2. successfully downloaded. It trys, but then ends with "Download unsuccessful." What can I do, if anything?

Well to start with, Microsoft dose not partition hard drives. The installer can make one or multi partitions and install the OS on any one they want. You can remove any data from "D" that you want and if you have space elsewhere, you can put it there.
If it is a program you wish to move, it will have to be un-installed from "D" then installed on the other drive. Any data files can be right clicked, dragged to the new location and moved there.
For a clean up, open "MY Computer:, Right click on your "D" drive, Click "Properties", "Clean up" and follow prompts.

With Net. Framework 2, are you using auto updates or direct from Microsoft or is a program that needs it calling for the installation?

My hard drive D (Recovery only has 23.MB left and I keep getting a popup about it.

if im correct here you are saying that the d:\ is called recovery ,and you added file to it ,the d:\ recovery was there for you recovery CD that came with the comutrer, to use the d:\ recovery to take the computer back to original manufacture install! "day one" as it referred in the computer world