Currently I'm running ObjectDock Plus 1.9 on Windows Vista (SP1) and it works perfectly fine for the most part, except when I launch some (only a handful do this) programs from the dock they turn off Aero as if the app is incompatible with the Aero color scheme - when I know they're not (because Aero doesn't shut off if I launch the app from the start menu). The few applications that seem to do this are Illustrator CS3 and QuickTime.

Bit off topic but similar; When I launch Firefox from the object dock it loads the packaged XP theme as opposed to the Vista one (*shrugs*) thoughts about this as well?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to work around this - either with changes to objectdock or some how forcing Aero to stay on with these applications - (very minor, yet annoying little glitch) please post a reply and let me know.

Thanks, c0dex

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This problem has been solved thanks of the guide from Drewzee on the aquasoft forums (epic failed using google before my first post).

But for the reference of others on this forum I'll post what he said.

1) Create a .bat file (for our reference foo.bat) with the contents:

start foo.exe

2) Create another file named invis.vbs with the contents:

CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False

3) Place them in any directory (we'll use C:\dir\ for this, I usually throw them in the program dir)

4) Start the shortcut on the dock at


with arguments

"C:\dir\invis.vbs" "C:\dir\foo.bat"

Objectdock launches the program and keeps aero running. If it doesn't launch try using in the .bat the full directory path to the file or tell it to change directories to the directory the executable lies in and then run the start command. Note: if you're using Vista 64-bit this fix won't do the trick - you'll still be stuck with aero shutting off.



After much frustration i read an MS doc all about Desktop Window Manager (DWM) which listed all the automatic ways aero could be disabled for a Window.

Long story short, i found that ObjectDock.exe was set to Windows XP SP1 compatibility mode.


Whenever i open any Microsoft Office program, MSN Messenger, or Firefox it displays the applications without Aero styling. Firefox appears with XP theme and Office does not have transparent glass title bars. PC is running Windows Vista Business SP1 32-bit.


- open ObjectDock.exe properties and goto Compatiblity tab
- uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode"
- click "Show settings for all users" at bottom of screen
- uncheck "Run this program in compatibility mode" for all users
- restart firefox
- fixed.

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