When I turn the computer on it goes to Windows 2000 XP and then next it goes to Start in sfe mode, last know program, normal startr up. When you choose any of the options it just freezes. If I reinstall Windows would that fix it? If not what do I do to get it going again. When we bought the computer 9 years ago windows was already installed so I don't have the disk. What do I do. I have two girls and I want them to use that computer for homework and so on. I am pulling my hair out by the roots.

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Is it Windows XP, 2000, ME or what? you dont seem to know..

It says Microsoft XP 2000 HOME.

That would be XP Home. It really shouldnt say 2000...

2000 XP Home doesnt exist...

Is it a real, official , licenced version ?

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