I see that previously others had the same problem I am having. When I click on my contacts list and "email contact" I get a javascript error message in the lower left corner. Then a page which says this site is not available. It then disappears and the screen comes up to send the email. This is a page in the you know what every time I want to send an email. I have had this for months as well as on my wife's laptop. Other people that I have talked to with Hotmail have not had this problem. I do not use Outlook and clean my temp folders etc., cleared.

Thanks for any help u can give me.

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Hello and welcome to Daniweb :)

A few questions:
1. - What is the operating system?
2. - What is the internet browser???
3. - Have you tried other internet browsers???
4. - Have you tried updating your java?



I'd say it is probably hotmail behaving badly with your particular browser. I've had problems with hotmail - chrome, so I just use something different when I need to use hotmail.

I am also having trouble with Hotmail javascript error messages. I can access my Inbox OK, but then when I try to check my Junk mail, or delete unwanted emails the page goes wacky. The left side (Inbox, Junk, Delete, etc) and the right side disappear and the blue background shows on each side. The middle that contains the emails, gets compressed like two hands are pushing it in from both sides. I can refresh the page, but constantly refreshing gets old. Down in the bottom left hand side the little yellow error icon appears. These are some of the messages I get when I double click on the yellow icon:
Object Required; load.v1c.js; code:0; http://rmd.atdmt.com/t/load.v1c.js; Line 1094; OR 'Parent Node' is null or not an object; TopLayer.v3l.js; Line 2070; OR Permission Denied; load.v1c.js; Line 1059. I have run countless virus and malware scans to see if that's the problem. I have contacted Hotmail support and got a reply that had me delete cookies and browsing history; make sure there was enough disc space; and make sure my security setting was on Medium-High (TOOLS; Internet Options). I did all of that and the problem persists. I have Internet Explorer 8. As you can tell, I'm no computer whiz. If anyone has a solution for me, please give step by step instructions. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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