I have XP on a machine and it has a working dial-up account.
I can access the internet and update Spybot and Ad-aware but both internet explorer and firefox refuse to bring up a website.

The XP firewall has been disabled and Zone Alarm is installed. I disabled Zone Alarm thinking it might be the problem... But still no web pages.

Is there something I can check to get DNS working..?
I tried it using the same IP I am using right now...
And this pc works and that one does not.

I hope I have given enough information to get a solution.

Thanks in advance.

I ran the wsock fix and it said to reboot.
It started back into windows then rebooted again.
It then came up with a hard drive not found.
I checked CMOS and it showed no hard drive
I tried to autodetect it in cmos... No hard drive
I booted to a linux live cd... No Hard Drive
I tried full power up boots resets.. nothing.. No hard drive
I opend the case checked onnnections. No Hard Drive
I figured it died.. I popped in a spare drive autodetected it no prob.
Just for fun, I put the OLD drive back in...
Autodetected it, booted everything was there... and still no internet...
I just reinstalled XP and now it is fine...
Just thought I would relay that little tidbid back for future reference.