Hi Guys,

I have Administrator rights to a Laptop running XP Home Edition and i need to use Regedit from another account on the same Laptop. How do I give access to use the Regedit to the other account from my Administrator account....

When I run the regedit from the other account it gives me a message saying "Administrator has disabled the Regedit function"

Thanks in advance ! ! ! ! !

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Thank you gerbil ! ! ! I will try it now ....... Thanks again


i am guessing the user is a limited user account. otherwise if the user has administrative rights but still can not access this tool(regedit) then you could be having an issue with a virus infection. otherwise, if the user is a limited user you should access the group policy editor in the administrator account and allow the user to have the right to access regedit. you can access the group policy editor tool by typing gpedit.msc in the run dialog box. good luck.

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