I found the post below dating from April 2006 but there were no replies. I've got the same problem. I started to watch the latest Little Britain programme on the BBC website when the whole thing froze up. The sound was ok but the screen froze. After a long time doing all the usual things, ctrl/alt/del etc, nothing would change so I had no choice but to unplug the computer, count to 20 and then plug in again. But, as the post below states, the same thing happened to me. I tried every option and it would try to start up but then go back to the 'We apologise....' screen.

I even tried reinstalling the Dell Windows XP CD but again it got so far and when it asked me to 'ENTER=continue, R=Repair, F3=quit' nothing happened and I had to unplug it again.

I downloaded over 200 photos from my camera this morning and then deleted them from said camera. I just know I'm going to lose the lot!

Can anyone help please?
Yours desperately and has problems functioning in normal everyday situations when computer isn't working......

April 2006 post from another user:
"No matter what option I choose (load in safe mode, last known good configuration, ect), the computer just loads the XP start screen, then restarts back to the 'inconvenience' screen . I've left the computer off all night, unplugged all my ports, everything, but nothing works.

Any suggestions?"

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you maybe able to slave you harddrive into another computer to retrieve the data ,if it picks up your drive

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I couldn't find a solution to the above problem and after spending over an hour on the phone with a Dell Technician who talked me through many options including taking off the back of the tower and reloading the battery I've had to get them to pick up my computer and replace the hard drive, which means I've lost a lot of stuff but serves me right for not backing up regularly! Anyone reading this please back your things up as often as you can, it's such a shameful waste of good photos, written work etc if you don't.
If anyone gets the message that begins with "We apologise for the inconvenience..." and gives options that I list above, 'Safe Mode...' etc, on a black screen with white writing and the message won't go away no matter what you do, unless you're married to an expert or live next door to one you might end up having to get it looked at at some cost. (Luckily I took extra insurance out).
We live and learn!

you maybe able to slave you harddrive into another computer to retrieve the data ,if it picks up your drive

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