Hi all,

I hope you can give me some advice, my son has a gateway 32 bit lap top which runs vista. vista came pre-installed with internet explorer yesterday he downloaded ie8 beta ( I told him not too as a mother would...lol)
Now every time he opens the internet after a short time it crashes, he has tried to uninstall it but can't find any ie in the control pannel programs to uninstall. he's been to microsoft website to download ie7 again but it just tells him that vista comes with it already installed... now he's stuck.
he did manage to download firefox, but would like ie back... any sugestions would be very helpfull, as I have been driven mad all day with him on the phone & me on my comp trying to sort it and getting nowhere.

Thankyou for the info.. & link I have passed it on to the son who didn't listen to his mum in the first place. maybe he will take my advice in the future ( I only knew it was not a good idea as I had downloaded ie8 a few days ago and had the same probs on xp.. what a headache.... lol)

your ,welcome ,i personally don't even use ie6,except for updates and hotmail. ,Firefox browser of choice in my house !

He likes IE over Firefox? I personally like safari and firefox over other browsers, especially IE. I've got vista, and I have IE 8 (it can emulate ie 7 so good for me, as a junior web developer). Did your son go to Computer >> Uninstall or change a program? I'm sure he did but it should be listed there. If all else fails revert to killing ie by going into computer C and program files then deleting internet explorer folder, archaic I know ;)

EDIT: OH! Does your son still have the disk his computer came with? He can try and repair vista, or he can do a system restore to before he installed IE 8. Just two more suggestions