I have a Gateway PC desktop running Windows XP and my internet is cable (RoadRunner) with a router connecting my second computer, a Mac Pro with Airport. I recently uninstalled AOL and switched to just using the Firefox that was already installed on my PC. My problem is that frequently Firefox will not load a webpage and it will give me the message "Server not found". Sometimes I only have to refresh the page several times for it to load but what I usually have to do is go into Network Connections through the control panel and right-click the proper connection and click 'connect' and then refresh the webpage again. This process works but it doesn't last very long and the process seems senseless since the PC always shows that I am already connected with a strong connection. I am convinced this is strictly a Firefox Settings issue because AIM always stays connected and I have no problem using the Firefox on my Mac. This problem only started after I uninstalled AOL. At the moment, I don't use a firewall and I frequently run Ad-aware, Search&Destroy, Malwarebytes, Diskeeper, Disc Cleanup, etc. I can also post a HijackThis log if that would be helpful. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Rose