Now if you've heard of FilterFox, you'll know it is an add-on for Firefox that allows the main user to block those sites they don't want any shared users to access. Now up till V6.0, one could password protect access to FilterFox, disallowing others from simply disabling filters, or even uninstalling the add-on. Unfortunately the devs have gotten greedy with v7.0, deciding to charge the end-user to lock the filter down (not bad when you consider it is an add-on for a FREE and OPEN-SOURCE browser!!).

So, I managed to locate a version of FilterFox 6.0, installed with Nightly Tester Tools (had to DL and install locally by dragging file onto Add-ons manager), and what do you know.... it works perfectly!

Have since cracked open the xpi file with WinRAR and modified the "install.rdf" so as will happily install without the Nightly Tester Tools, and uploaded here for others to make good use of. When given open to open or save, select open and choose Firefox as app to handle the file - will install directly :)

Now before I get told off, the plugin otherwise remains unaltered, just simply making things easier for those not familiar with Nightly Tester Tools and its usage :S

Just a link change. Can be DL'ed from here

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