Hey there,

System: Windows XP sp3 version 2008.

Problems: Internet redirecting causing extremely slow browsing, cannot boot from cd.

My system is currently bugged and cannot be fixed. I had a nasty virus that messed up tons of things and would like to just format and reinstall windows.

I've changed my boot order.
I've disabled everything but CD rom and still xp will load.
There is no option 'press any key to boot from cd' at startup..or anything to that nature.


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please try to reset the BIOS settings by removing the CMOS battery and then returning it. then try booting again from the CD and see if it works. good luck.:icon_wink:

when you remove the cmos battery you need to leave it out for 20 minutes at least. there tends to be a residual power drain and the cmos doesn't otherwise reset properly, I have found.

Assuming you've set the boot order properly, logic suggests:
A bad CD drive or,
Your CD is not bootable.

will it read other media under normal conditions? eg music cd's etc?
what is the CD you are trying to boot from?
if it is a netbook, with an external cd drive, you will also need to enable booting from a USB device

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