Hi, I have a problem with my home computer.I created 2 accounts, 1 as Administrator and the other, a friend.When I created a new account, somehow the Administrator account, which require a password, disappeared from the screen.I have many important documents on the Administrator account desktop and now I am unable to retrive them.All I have now are the my friend's and the new account I created.I wonder what happened to the Administrator account.Can someone please help me get back the Administrator acccount?Thanks in advance.

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If the administrator account is not showing up as an account to choose on the welcome screen you can probably get into the account by turning off the welcome screen. Goto control panel\user accounts. Select change the way users log on or off, and uncheck use the welcome screen. When you log in now you should manaually be able to type "Administrator" and the password.


hey cool_blimmer. Usually when you create a new account the admin account disappears but completely. you can access it by rebooting the computer and press f8 when it's just about to start loading windows. select safe mode and the administrator account should be accessible. i believe you were using the built in admin account.

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