Can someone help me. I reloaded XP Professional without formatting the harddrive and installed application packages. Now when i try to access Local Disk (C) i get the following error message, "uis.com has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience". It goes on to ask me whether I want to report the error to Microsoft.

Please help me because i did not back up my files so I don't want to format the Hard drive, lest I lose everything.

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Dunno what it means, probably a clash of two Oss causing that problem..its not recommended to install two Operating systems on 1 partition..i suggest u take a backup of files using command prompt and reinstall XP by formatting C:\..


try to reload your os again..choose repair when prompted to do so.. then make a new folder to install windows system files.. or delete the old windows folder.. what if you go command prompt can still access drive c?

plug-out your hdd to an external usb enclosure and back-up through another pc..if cannot repair..


try to scan your computer with good antivirus. If issue still there, then you have to format it.


Your PC may be infected with a serious malware. The presence of a file called UIS.COM is a possible sign of infection.You should urgently check your PC to make sure it is not infected.

UIS.COM has been seen to perform the following behavior:

* The Process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process
* This process creates other processes on disk
* This Process Deletes Other Processes From Disk
* Adds a Registry Key (RUN) to auto start Programs on system start up
* Writes to another Process's Virtual Memory (Process Hijacking)
* Registers a Dynamic Link Library File
* Executes a Process
* Injects code into other processes
* Loads and Executes a System Driver File

UIS.COM has been the subject of the following behavior:

* Executed as a Process
* Created as a process on disk
* Has code inserted into its Virtual Memory space by other programs
* Added as a Registry auto start to load Program on Boot up
* Deleted as a process from disk
* Copied to multiple locations on the system

One or more files with the name UIS.COM creates, deletes, copies or moves the following files and folders:

* Creates c:\windows\system32\drivers\klif.sys
* Deletes c:\windows\system32\drivers\klif.sys
* Deletes c:\windows\system32\amvo.exe
* Deletes c:\windows\system32\amvo0.dll
* Creates c:\windows\system32\amvo0.dll
* Deletes c:\uis.co
* Copies filec:\windows\system32\amvo.exe to c:\uis.co
* Deletes c:\autorun.in
* Creates c:\autorun.in
* Deletes d:\uis.co
* Copies filec:\windows\system32\amvo.exe to d:\uis.co
* Deletes d:\autorun.in
* Creates d:\autorun.in
* Deletes c:\docume~1\user\locals~1\temp\help.rar
* Deletes c:\windows\lmg.ex
* Opens/modifes c:\autoexec.bat
* Moves c:\docume~1\user\locals~1\temp\help.exe to c:\docume~1\user\locals~1\temp\tru19D.tmp
* Creates c:\windows\lmg.exe
* Copies filec:\windows\lmg.exe to c:\windows\system32\amvo.exe
* Deletes c:\windows\system32\amvo1.dll
* Creates c:\windows\system32\amvo1.dll

UIS.COM can also use the following file names:

* 75777101.DAT
* 87882968.SVD
* 64121425.COM

One or more files with the name UIS.COM creates or modifies the following registry keys and values:

* HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run amva C:\WINDOWS\system32\amvo.exe
* HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Hidden value:
* HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced ShowSuperHidden value:
* HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer NoDriveTypeAutoRun [REG_DWORD, value: 00000091]

One or more files with the name UIS.COM interacts with the following web sites and pages. Web addresses have been deliberately modified to prevent unintentional use.

* TCP: Port:18
* Port 80 IP:
* TCP: Port:18

So check and scan your computer ASAP.

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