Anybody out there know of a matx motherboard for windows server 2008. Recently purchased an Asus P5E-VM only to be informed by Asus they do not support any windows servers. Intel site claims none of their mainstream motherboards support windows server 2003, no mention of server 2008.

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what that means is they dont support them , so that if your server breaks, you cant sue them. generally you only get this sort of supportn with actual server boards

server 2003 or 2008 will probably run fine on them

I had tried installing Server 2008 on the Asus board and the driver install definitely does not work. Before I rip out the asus and install an Intel DP35DPM board I would like to know if others have successfully installed Server 2008 on an Intel matx.


the drivers might not work because windows server might have not tested those driver as yet. you should check here
to see if your devices are supported

I presently have Server 2008 installed on a VM running on a Asus board

Vmware was my next option, what are you using to host vm? I had planned on using linux.

most hardware vendors are just about to start supporting 2008 in the next month or two. the drivers are still in beta testing.
you will have to wait

If you don't have device drivers for your 64-bit motherboard, then the Windows Server 2008 installation will default to 32-bit. I have an ASUS Socket 775 motherboard (64-bit), that has no device drivers for Windows Server 2003 or 2008. My installation would only accept some 32-bit device drivers; I went with it anyway, and then realized my mistake, that is, that the O/S became 32-bit, not what I really wanted. Before buying, you must ensure that you have the supporting device drivers.

I've tried to get one friend of mine who owns a computer store to give me a quote on motherboards in this category, but he hasn't done it yet.

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