I found a really cool browser that is just like ie6 only a tabbed version of it. It seems alot more stable and faster on my sytem. Its called maxthon. Maxthon.com is the place to get it. Its free. Has a great forum for help. Runs better and faster on my system than all the other browsers I have tried. Tried firefox,netscape,opera, all of them. I run xp home service pack 1. Dont like service pack 2 makes my puter slower. Triend everything even a clean install no luck I have the service pack 2 cd. Just thought someone may want to try it.......peace......im out.........

If you want one that is even better than Maxthon...try Avant. With Avant, you can turn off Active X, disable flash animations, disable pictures, disable java, block pop ups, block ads, block pictures...etc. It has a built in newsfeed suite and its toolbars are customizable. It really is faster than IE too.

8 million plus downloads from download.com can't be wrong. It's the fastest browser I've found yet (even faster than firefox).


Thank you very much. I did try avant out for a day or 2. No luck. On my system maxthon runs the best and the fastest. But I do apreciate your idea. Thank you..........peace......im out