Hi there...I have determined that I know NOTHING!!!!

I have an old HP Pavilion (6635) PC, and everytime I start it up, it loads six or seven programs automatically (like Yahoo, AIM, and some other crap that I don't want loaded automatically). I saw on one site a thing about how to stop that to improve startup time, and free up resources (right now I have only 33% free), but I managed to not bookmark that site, and can't find it!!! Does anyone have any idea what I mean, and if so, can someone direct me how to fix it?

Thanks a ton!


oh yeah...also, I'm running Win98SE

Dow by the Clock you will see most of the programs you speak of ,click on or dight click on the icon for each and look for properties or Options ,and you will find something to disable on startup OR Do this go to ------- Start/Run Type in MSCONFIG , Click Startup ,and uncheck the programs that you don't want starting up when you start the computer .

A usefull tool is a small (60k) freeware program called startuplist.exe

It will show you what process are running

It will show you a listing of startup folders

It will show you Autorun entries from the registry

It will show you Load/Run keys in your Win.ini

List your Autoexec.bat and more...

Hi, Thong Inspector!
I suppose that useful utility is something I will have to find with a search engine, or is it something you are offering to provide?

It was easy to find on the web...

I just did a Google for Startuplist.exe download and it came up with multiple (Freeware) sources...

I hope this FREEWARE attachment does not violate the policies of this site...